The government offered to provide land virtually free of charge to attract settlers to the Prairie Provinces. Such an opportunity brought settlers for Ontario and the United States to the Canadian West. In the spring of 1906 the District sent two of its officials to examine townships in Saskatchewan that were open for homesteads. They set out driving westward until, after several changes of direction, they eventually came to the Kindersley area. The favourable report of the two leaders encouraged members of the church to take up homesteads in the Kindersley area. The first service was on June 12th, 1907 conducted in a tent.

The church had a promising beginning. New Brethren in Christ settlers continued to come to the area even though it meant living at first in sod houses, working hard, and eating a limited diet The first services were held in a home with a meal after the service. A church building was constructed in 1911 in the Merrington District. In 1916, due to differences in doctrine, a church building was constructed in the west end of the district on a hill on the farm of one of its members, which was named Clearview.

In the late 1940's there began a process of farm consolidation that resulted in the decrease in the number of members living in the vicinity of the Church. The membership now increasingly came to reside in the town of Kindersley, and such membership found it difficult to travel the miles that the church at Clearview, particularly when the rain made the roads virtually impassable. These factors persuaded the congregation to construct a church building in the town of Kindersley in 1953. The old Clearview building was eventually torn down. A fitting marker now stands at the location of the graveyard to commemorate the life and services of the congregation in that neighbourhood, as well as the original Merrington location.

In the 1990's the congregation in Kindersley outgrew the church building, so a new building was constructed at the present location on Main Street of Kindersley. The first service in that present location was November 1, 1998.

The church today is a very vibrant and growing congregation emphasizing a personal relationship with God through receiving Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord committing oneself to growing spiritually and in character through worship, discipleship and fellowship.